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If I can't be said, then why write it?

Blink-182 concert!


Blink-182 concert!

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So on friday night, my sister and her boyfriend took me to one of the best concerts of my life:
BLINK-182 feat. The All-American Rejects and Fall Out Boy.
Honestly, If u ever get the chance to see this show GO! I'm truely bummed my best friend Kim didn't get to go cause we would have had a blast! Now, I can truly forgive her though because I got to see Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker tehe. She knows what I mean. Love ya Kim.
So when The All-American Rejects played, Tyson came out shirtless (enter fan girl scream here) and sparkly. SEXY!!! My sister got to take a picture with him which is awesome; He's her Patrick Stump.
Then Fall Out Boy came out and I was all "OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU PATRICK!!!" He's lost weight, but whatever. It was kinda a hard night for little Patrick, though; He forgot the words to "Thriller" and broke his guitar strap and then the boys were making fun of how he's a criminal. Patrick said "You guys better watch out, now! I'm an outlaw!" oh, Trick.
After that, "the rock show" began=). Holy cow was Blink amazing. Mark and Tom were hilarious and Travis was just happy to be there. Oh my God, they did the "Blow Job Song" and I was dying of laughter. Tom's big thing all night was "I want to due your mom in your dad's butt!" ROTFL!! It was awesome. They ended the show with Damnit and there was confetti and all kinds of madness. Mark sang "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" and Tom was doing an interpretive dance around him. And then it was over. I had one of the best nights ever and I'm really really glad I went.

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